Choosing the Right Differential Can Make a Difference in Safety and Operational Efficiency

A vehicles differential works with the torque to control the wheels. A common type of differential is the open system. It operates by providing an even distribution of power among the wheels at all times. The sole exception happens in a situation where less power is necessary to operate one wheel. The wheels spin independent of each other, so the system can experience challenges in tough road conditions. Commonly found on passenger vehicles, the system is most effective under normal driving conditions.

A Limited-Slip Differential Is Smart for Some Drivers in Milford

Limited-slip differentials are common to cars, trucks, and SUVs that emphasize safety and performance features. These systems are advantageous for harsh weather conditions, and the wheels spin in the same direction to help the vehicle maintain its traction.

Why Should I Have My Differential Serviced By i.g. Burton & Co. Inc.?

With the operational complexities involved in differential systems, having a qualified technician to service your vehicle can make a significant difference for safety and fuel economy. Our qualified technicians at i.g. Burton & Co. Inc. can handle your vehicles needs quickly and effectively.



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