Worried about your brakes giving out on you at the worst possible time? Rather than worry, you should take proactive steps towards checking and maintaining your brakes.

While an inspection is always recommended, you can diagnose issues with your brakes yourself by taking note of the following signs:

  • Shaking- If your vehicle shakes to a stop, you might be headed for trouble. Shaking is often an indication of warped rotors, so don't delay getting it checked out.
  • Soft Pedal- When you stomp on your brakes, they should feel firm, not soft. A soft-feeling brake is a sign that something is wrong, so be sure not to ignore it.
  • Noises- What's that sound? It's likely your rotor discs rubbing against the calipers. The translation? Trouble. See an auto mechanic, quick!
  • Brake Light- Noticing that your brake light is on? It's for a reason. Get it checked out as soon as you can.


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