Any vehicle owner with pets knows how much of a hassle pet hair can be. Here at i.g. Burton & Co. Inc., we come across people all the time who are at a loss about what to do regarding pet hair in their vehicle's interior. Hair can be a particularly difficult substance to vacuum alone, so we decided to impart some special methods you can utilize for greater success when cleaning your vehicle!

Here at i.g. Burton & Co. Inc., we've found there are a number of ways that you can clean up pet hair. These include using rubber gloves covered in water to generate static electricity. When you vigorously rub your car seats, the generated electricity will cause that hair to cling right to your rubbery fingers. This will make vacuuming the remainder that much easier - although we recommend letting the seats dry off before getting the vacuum involved. Besides rubber gloves, you can also use a balloon for added fun!


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