Having an elegant body and luxurious cabin, the Mercedes-Benz E 300 leads the automotive industry in safety technology. You can learn more about the model's class-exclusive driving aides at i.g. Burton & Co. Inc. It's hard to beat this high-end vehicle that's available with more than 20 accident-avoidance amenities.

The Crosswind Assist balances the E 300 on the road when strong wind gusts blow into the side of the car. This innovative technology even responds to a sudden turbulence of air that's caused by a fast-moving truck. The Electronic Stability Program works in tandem with the Crosswind Assist to balance the chassis.

This lavish Mercedes-Benz E sedan is equipped with the standard Active Brake Assist that delivers an appropriate level of braking power. Stationary obstacles, moving vehicles and walking pedestrians are detected by the system's advanced cameras and other sensors. Additionally, the Adaptive Braking Technology supplements the braking mechanism in a critical situation.



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