How Big Should my Roadside Kit Be?

Emergency roadside kits are very important for all drivers to have access to, but many people don't have any kind of go bag ready in case something happens. Once in a while we'll see people drive up to the i.g. Burton & Co. Inc. lot for maintenance and notice that they have a massive suitcase in the back. While it's good to be prepared, most drivers don't need something that size!

There are some premade options available on the market. However, if you're putting together your own kit you'll want to have these following supplies in it:
• Pliers
• Jumper cables
• Flashlight
• Batteries
• Both Philips and slotted screwdrivers
• Emergency triangles
• First aid supplies

Depending on where you'll be driving, you'll also want to make sure to have an ice scraper and blankets with you. Even when it's hot in Milford, blankets can be a good idea since you can use them in many different ways.



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