Dash Cams Are an Important Part of Any Vehicle

Your vehicle is full of all sorts of technology and devices to keep you from having an accident and keep you safe if you do. However, most cars will not be much help in determining whose fault the accident was if one does occur. This is where the biggest benefit of installing a dash cam in your vehicle comes from.

Even if there are witnesses to the accident testifying to the fault of the other driver, it can be very difficult to prove you are not at fault in many circumstances. Do not depend on the whim of the responding officer or the written report to help protect you from liability. A dash cam can capture irrefutable video evidence of who caused a collision and thus who is liable.

Do not wait until after the inevitable accident to install a dash cam, it may be too late and cost you thousands in unfair liability. Here at i.g. Burton & Co. Inc. we have a wide variety of dash cams available for you to drive away with today.



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