What Do You Know about the Move Over Laws?

Roadside workers have it hard enough being on the side of dangerous highways working, but alarmingly, 200 of these workers lose their lives to motorists who do not give them enough room to work on the side of the highway.

The National Traffic Incident Management Coalition reports hundreds are losing their lives because drivers simply do not know about the Move Over law in their state. Currently, all 50 states have such laws, and they are quite similar. See a tow truck, police car, or another roadside worker, you bring the car to a lower speed, safely move a lane over from the location of the worker, and proceed to drive more cautiously until you have passed the area where they are working.

At i.g. Burton & Co. In.c, we hope we can do our part to bring more awareness to the Move Over law in our state to help save a roadside workers life.

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