The Mercedes-Benz C 300 is a favorite among people elegant, luxury sedans. However, along with all the creature comforts that come with a Mercedes-Benz, the vehicles also capably perform. The newest models in Milford boast powerful engines and transmissions.

The upgraded turbocharged engines deliver a respectable 255 horsepower. Yet, owners get up to 34 mpg on the highway. The steering wheel features the shift paddles that smoothly change between the nine speeds to provide a more comfortable ride.

The unique suspension was designed to dampen the sensation of traveling over rough roads while ensuring the car remains agile and easy to handle. Drivers also have the ability to alter the way the Mercedes-Benz C 300 functions by selecting the preferred driving mode. Each of the five selections changes the way the vehicle shifts, throttles, steers and more. Immerse yourself in the luxury of Mercedes-Benz at i.g. Burton & Co. Inc. Experience the power during a test drive.



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