Addressing Common Muffler and Exhaust Service Issues

It is inevitable that your vehicle is going to require some sort of service or repair during the time that you own your vehicle. This is just part of keeping a vehicle running. The muffler and exhaust on a vehicle are two very commonly repaired areas. A muffler can simply wear down with daily use of your vehicle. You could damage a brand-new muffler if you drive over a large bump in the road, or run over some debris in the road. Your exhaust can easily become damaged or dislodged as well.

Some common signs that indicate there is a problem going on with your exhaust or muffler will include:
  • The overwhelming smell of gasoline when your vehicle is running
  • Condensation coming out of your exhaust
  • Visible holes or rust in either of these parts
  • A sudden decrease in vehicle efficiency



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